Quantity surveyor

Quantity surveyor is one that provides a qualification gained following formal education, specific training and experience that provides a general set of skills that are then applied to a diverse variety of problems, predominantly these relate to costs and contracts on construction projects.

The methods employed, however, cover a range of activities which may include cost planning, value management, feasibility study|feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis, lifecycle costing, tendering, valuation, change control, dispute resolution, claims management and cost estimation.

The Quantity Surveyor traditional independent role on the team comprising client, architect, engineer, quantity surveyor and contractor has given him a reputation and appreciation for fairness. This, combined with his expertise in drafting and interpretation of contract documents, enables him to settle issues, avoid disputes and ensure the effective progress of a project.

Quantity surveyors control construction costs by accurate measurement of the work required, the application of expert knowledge of costs and prices of work, labour, materials and plant required, an understanding of the implications of design decisions at an early stage to ensure that good value is obtained for the money to be expended.

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